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The all about kegging guide: How to keg hard cider

How to Keg Hard Cider

Kegging hard cider or beer in general might seem like a very complex process, but in all reality it's pretty straightforward and simple. There are quite a few benefits to kegging, one of which is eliminating any sediment at the bottom of the bottles. Every time a bottle needs to be primed with dextrose or any type of sugar it will reactivate the yeast and you'll have sediment at the bottom of your bottles. Not with kegging though, you'll eliminate all that and plus it's a lot quicker to keg 5 gallons of hard cider opposed to bottling it. Also a neat feature with force carbonation is that once the cider has been kegged you can turn the pressure down on the regulator to around 2psi and then start bottling…more about that later. Now lets get down to the nitty gritty of kegging cider.