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This section is devoted to any and all experiments related to brewing hard cider.


Experiment #1

Calling it "Thing 1" - Recipe for dry hopping hard apple cider

I've been wanting to dry hop a hard apple cider for a while now and have found what looks to be a good recipe. I might give this one a shot and see how it turns out!

This recipe will brew 5 gallons
Ingredients needed:

  • Yeast - Mangrovejacks M02 cider yeast, Nottinham, or Safale-05
  • .5 lbs of Crystal 60L If you use cheap store brand juice, I reccomend 120L. Cheap juice tends to turn out a tad tart and this will balance it.
  • 1 oz of torrified wheat
  • 4 Gallons of apple juice
  • 1 gallon of water
  • 2 lbs of DME ( I use 1 lb. amber and 1 lb. light DME)
  • 0.5 oz of you favorite hops ( right around 6% AA, I have used 18.5% AA summit hops before and it took a month after kegging for strong bitterness to blend nicely)
    WARNING! IF YOU ARE GOING TO CHANGE THE AMOUNT OF HOPS USED, MAKE IT LESS NOT MORE, it's really just too bitter with any more.

Directions for brewing

  1. Steep the 60L and torrified wheat in .75 gallons of water @ 155 degrees for 30 mins.
  2. Sparge with .25 gallons 170 degree water and throw away grains.
  3. Add DME and bring to a boil.
  4. Add hops when boiling starts and boil for 30 mins. (The hops for this experiment will be added directly to the secondary fermentation)
  5. Cool down the wort (stick your pot in the freezer and let this get down to 70 degrees or so your cider will clear fairly easy. Pour the wort and apple juice into your carboy and pitch yeast.
  6. Add 4 teaspoons of pectic enzyme to clear cider
  7. Ferment 2 weeks at 64-68 degrees then keg or bottle.
  8. Rack into secondary and add hops directly to carboy
I keg, and this stuff is VERY drinkable as soon as it is carbonated.
SUPERB taste and drinkability after 2-3 weeks of aging.

People bottling, it will have SUPERB taste and drinkability after the standard 3 week bottling period for carbonating.

Pictures of ingredients and first fermenation
cider recipe ingredients

dry malt extract

mangrove jacks yeast

easy clean sanitizer

This will need to be racked into secondary and hopped on October 12th 2013

..Racked secondary on October 19th since I didn't have a extra carboy..Done!

I did a taste test while racking into the secondary, and let me tell you it wasn't to bad! It had more of a beer flavoring with hints of apple notes. Adding the cascade hops will probably turn it into more of a hard cider IPA. If thats even possible. The photos below show the dry hopping of the cider. Basically putting 0.5oz of hops on top of the cider. I'll let this one sit for around 3 more weeks. ...end date November 10th. drying hard cider hard cider ipa recipe secondary hard cider rack

Experiment #2

Going to use pear juice and attempt a pear hard cider. I'm hoping this process will work the same for pear cider as a hard apple cider. I'm going to attempt this in a 2 gallon glass carboy and add pear consentrate from natures flavors before bottleing. I'm calling this "Thing 2". Hopefully starting this at the sametime as Thing1. I'll post progress updates for both of these.


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