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Here are the essentials needed to get started.

Must have supplies/ingredients

Here are the essentials needed to get started. The list will show all the basic equipment and supplies.

2 Glass Carboy's or any type of fermentation container that will house your wonderful brew. I started off with a 6.5 gallon plastic container just because it was less expensive ($17.50), but I could never see what was happening inside and it completely bugged me for two weeks! So for the secondary fermenter I purchased a 5 gallon glass carboy ($36.00) to rack my brew into that. It's all up to you, either one will work fine!
glass carboybucket

3-6 feet of food grade tubing 5/16"
siphon tubing

1 Package of dry or liquid yeast. I like the White Labs WLP775 English Cider Yeast (Safale US-05 Ale Yeast or Champagne yeast will work pretty good as well) Have been testing out Mangrove Jacks cider yeast as well. Any yeast will work fine, just follow your own perference!
white labs cider yeast w775 mangrove jacks yeast Safale 05 hard cider yeast recipe

Rubber stoppers (Size of the stopper depends on the size of the glass carboy or fermentation bucket. A 5 gallon glass carboy will take a #6.5 stopper) If your using a plastic container your stopper will be need to fit snuggly in the hole thats drilled into the lid.

1 Plastic Airlock

A can of frozen apple juice concentrate or a package of golden brown sugar.
frozen apple juice consentrate

Sanitizing solution - Star San or Easy-Clean Cleanser works the best
Star san for hard cider recipe

Bottle capper
bottle capper

1 Package of Bottle Caps

Bottles (50 bottles will house around 5 gallons of brew, if you have more or less just do the math)

Optional Supplies

The supplies and ingredients below are optional for brewing hard cider. This list will contain ingredients that can be added to the recipe or eqiupiment that will make it a little easier to brew with.

Sweetener - This is of course to make your recipe a little sweeter. Any sweetener the yeast will not will be fine. Xylitol, Stevia, Splenda, etc..

Xylitol for hard cider recipe

Package of Dextrose(Corn Sugar) or Carbination Drops
carbination dropscorn sugar

Apple flavor consentrate (this is optional, but can give a whole new flavor to the cider) Organic Green Apple Flavor Concentrate from Natures Flavors is great!

Racking Tub Clamp ($2.50) this will hold the tubing against the side of a carboy in a perfect location near the bottom so it doesn't suck up any lees.

racking tube clamp

Auto Siphon ($11) Siphon starter. This is the best! One stroke of the hand and you have a siphon going in as little as an inch of fluid.

Auto Siphon Clamp($4) - Same as racking tub clamps but sized for the auto siphon.

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