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Fall 2015 Recipe

My Fall 2015 recipe is a mini 2 gallon batch of sweet cider.

This years recipe, my key phrase is: Sweet and Simple. I really enjoy a semi-sweet cider and I'm wanting something close to a strongbow. Thoughout the years I've learned the easiest cider to brew is a dry cider becuase your yeast eats all the sugar, you rack it into a secondary then keg or bottle. From that you do get apple flavoring, but the sweetness just isn't there. In order to get the sweetness, you have to kill off the yeast and add sugar. Otherwise the yeast will keep eating your sugar and the end product will be very dry. To kill off the yeast I'll be adding Campden tablets and Potassium Sorbate. "EWW!", you say, "Adding chemicals to my cider now?? GREAAAT" Well please do a little research on each additive and you'll see that these are being used in everything from cheese, yogurt to the new starbucks pumpkin spice latte. ..It still doesnt give me the warm fuzzys to use them, but they are food preservites used very widely and some of the more safer ones as well. ..but I digress. SO. What I did on my secondary after adding the small amount of preserviative to kill off the yeast is to make a sugar water base and mix it in. Bottle Keg and enjoy.

Everything purchased from HomeBrewery.comminus the apple cider for under $25!

Ingredients list:

1-1/2 gallons of cider - no preservatives. Pasteurization is fine and of course freshly pressed is the best.
1 can of frozen apple juice concentrate
White sugar
Yeast (Danstar: Nottingham, Safale: S04, or Cider House Cider Yeast
Campden tablets and Potassium Sorbate

Hardware List:

2x 2 gallon fermenter buckets w/ lids (Lid comes drilled with a 5/8 in. hole (#2 Stopper)
w/ rubberstopper
Sphion w/ tubing
Star San (or any sanitizing solution)


Step1: Sanitize fermenting bucket, airlock and stopper.

Step2: Add the 1.5 gallons of cider to the fermenting bucket. Then add the apple juice concentrate.

Step3: Add yeast and then secure the lid. Make sure airlock is snugg in the rubber stopper.

Step4: Let this ferment until the airlock stops bubbling. (Minumum 1 week even if bubbling stops)

For part one I created a quick howto video below to get start:

Step 5: Siphon into secondary fermenation bucket

Step 6: Secure lid w/ airlock and let set for 2 more weeks.

Step 7:(For kegging only) After two weeks remove stopper and funnel into the bucket the correct amount of campden tablets along with Potassium Sorbate that is sufficient for 2 gallons. Let set another 48 hours to kill of yeast.

Step 8: Boil/dissolve 2 cups of white sugar into 5 cups of water.

Step 9: Sphion cider from bucket into keg and add the sugar water.

Step 10: Close keg and put 30lbs of Co2 on the cider for 24hrs. Purge tank of Co2 and test pour at 4lbs. If it doesnt have enough Co2 add another 30lbs for 24hrs.